A heritage we’re proud of

Do you remember days spent on the water, at the wharf or by the sea, where ‘throwing a line over’ resulted in a bountiful, healthy catch? You’d come home with enough to feed the family, and some good memories of a day spent enjoying New Zealand’s incredible coastline.

For decades, New Zealanders have enjoyed this kind of freedom to fish for our seafood resources. Future generations, however, may not be so lucky. Growing populations, commercial influences and environmental impact have seen fish stocks decline and mounting pressure put on our oceans.

The question is: will your grandkids get the chance to catch a snapper?

We want more fish in the sea

Our commitment is to ensure that Kiwis may continue to enjoy fishing as a healthy, accessible activity and the ability to provide quality, affordable nourishment for the whanau.

To date, work to ensure this objective has been severely under-resourced. Which is why we established the Trust to ensure that meaningful funding is available, enabling us to advocate for change where it counts.

We know that Māori have a significant part to play in ensuring that the traditional values of kaitiakitanga are leveraged to support education, public awareness and improved fishing methods. By providing appropriate funding to these groups, we can support them in effecting real and powerful change in our communities.

Our legacy

We know that a better future for our oceans starts with the changes that we make today. Through education and advocacy for positive action, we aim to ensure that fish as a resource is respected and enhanced, not only for ourselves, but for future generations so that they too may grow up to enjoy the social and cultural joys of fishing.

With your help, we can leave a legacy we’re proud of

Support a proud future of fishing in NZ