Creating positive action

With the aim of reducing harmful impact on our ocean and ensuring more fish in the water, all received funds and grants go towards initiatives that support the reduction of juvenile mortality, bycatch, fuel consumption and sea floor damage.
We encourage the collective pursuit of these goals, working in collaboration with fishing clubs and national representative organisations. Over the past decade, together we have raised and invested over $1 million dollars in efforts to maintain effective input and activities that promote sustainable fisheries for all New Zealanders.

Through The Hokianga Accord, established in 2005, we saw Māori and non-Māori fishing interests united, sparking meaningful on-going engagements and creating opportunities to work together for a healthier future for our fisheries.

Championing a sustainable future

We believe that through championing healthy fisheries, sustainable fishing practices and working collaboratively to support those who care for and understand their environment, we can continue to strive for more fish in the sea.

With your support the Trust will:

  • support organisations, innovation and education that will contribute to healthy fisheries and the wellbeing this can provide to all;
  • support growing public awareness in sustainable fishing practices and the benefits of kaitiakitanga/guardianship to all society;
  • support coastal communities and kaitiaki to implement initiatives through the use of customary or local management tools;
  • coordinate and assist local projects to enhance fisheries and the aquatic environment for the benefit of the whole community;
  • provide for the operational management and administration of the Trust.

Funding professionals

The public’s interest in abundant fisheries extends from off shore migratory species such as the mighty marlin to inshore food species such as shellfish. A lack of resources has prevented meaningful input into management processes for many of these species.

Through our Trust we aim to fund professionals to assist participation in the management of fisheries that have social, ecological or cultural significance.

Your gift goes towards protecting our nation’s taonga

Through sufficient funding from individuals, trusts and the business sector, The Guardians of the Sea Trust has the strength it needs to become a catalyst for positive action.

Which is why we need your help. You may wish to gift an amount yourself, or commit to gathering a number of complementary contributions.

Help us leave NZ’s oceans in a healthy state for all

Help us leave NZ’s oceans in a healthy state for all