Your donation makes a difference – not just today, but for generations to come

Help us create a strong and sustainable future for our fishery in New Zealand.

To create positive and impactful change, we rely on the kind generosity of donors. In donating to the Trust, you are doing your bit to support healthy ocean resources for future generations. That’s a child who experiences the joys of catching a snapper, more whanau who can sustainably feed their household, and many, many more memories that contribute to a positive collective national psyche.

Where your donations go

All donations go towards critical initiatives that focus on facilitating a healthy NZ marine environment and sustainable fishing activity for both recreation and nourishment.

A number of programmes are underway to identify and prioritise the work required to maintain and enhance sustainable access, use and management of New Zealand’s fisheries and marine environment, for the benefit of the public.

There are many initiatives that require our financial support now.

  • Enabling professional fisheries scientists, advisers and experts to participate in joint stakeholder processes.
  • Raising awareness of the public’s fishing interests and the importance of “more fish in the water.”
  • Dialogue and consultation with all stakeholders to ensure robust and inclusive process, providing positive outcomes for our fisheries.
  • Continued support of innovations and fresh ideas that help improve methods, processes and fish stocks.
  • Supporting meaningful and realistic proposals that result in improvements to our resources “more fish in the water.”

Accountability reporting

The trustees may require grantee organisations to fully account to them for the grant that was received.

In turn should a donor require the trustees to account to them for a donation made then the trustees are bound to report in a timely and complete manner.

Tax deductibility

Donations are tax deductible in the hands of the donor. Donors support groups and initiatives that are helping build a more sustainable and abundant fishery to maintain this treasured part of the kiwi lifestyle and identity.

As a qualifying charity, all donations to this Trust are tax deductible.

The trust has typically issued tax receipts annually immediately after the close of the trust financial year which is 31st March.


The trust has received donations from a number of donors annually since its establishment.

Donations received have been either:
  • Targeted donations where the donor directs that the donation is to fund a specific project. Here the trustees are bound to honour the wishes of the donor.
  • Untargeted donations where the donor leaves it to the trustees’ discretion as to where the donation funds are to be spent.


Donations can be made by direct deposit to the Trust bank account.

Bank: ASB
Branch: East Auckland Commercial Banking
Account: 12-3110-0080666-00

Let us know

If you’re making a donation please let us know your details below. It’s the easiest way for us to hear about who made a donation.

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